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“Breeding stock” animals are caged and continually bred for years, without human companionship and with little hope of ever becoming part of a family. After their fertility wanes, breeding animals may be killed, abandoned, or sold to another mill. The result of all this breeding? Millions of puppies, many with health and behavior problems not easily seen at the time of purchase. Websites and Classifieds- the new Face of a Terrible Business Don’t believe everything you see online or in the classifieds—a world of cruelty might be lurking behind that cute little puppy picture. If you think you’ve found the perfect breeder on a website showcasing adorable photos, claims of how they cherish their “furry babies,” and promises that they sell exclusively to “qualified homes,” be on alert—such websites are among the newer scams that puppy mills are running. There’s no way to know whether you’re dealing with a puppy mill by simply looking at a website or talking to someone over the phone. Selling online and through classified ads allows puppy mill operators to “cut out the middleman” and sell directly to consumers. It’s more profitable, and it allows puppy mills in many states to avoid inspection. Remember that puppy mills house their dogs in deplorable conditions and churn out puppies for quick sale and shipment. Don’t support this cruelty; always visit the breeder’s home in person before you buy.


National Mill Dog Rescue has been saving puppy mill dogs since 2007,

Click on the link below and you can see what an amazing work they have and continue to do.